Cost Calculator Group is a container element and it inludes JS pseudo code field which allows you to create calculation logic for your cost calculator instance. On the following example calculation is: Total = (Item Type * Number of Items) + (Number of Items * Include Shipping * 1.5)
[bt_cost_calculator currency_after=”yes” email_client=”yes” m_name=”Mandatory” m_phone=”Mandatory” m_address=”Mandatory” m_message=”Mandatory” show_booking=”yes” m_date=”Mandatory” m_time=”Mandatory” time_start=”09:00″ time_end=”18:00″ admin_email=”” paypal_currency=”PXL” currency=”PXL” subject=”This is email subject” accent_color=”#1e73be” el_class=”this_is_extra_class”][bt_cc_group eval=”var number_items = 10PXL;
var shipping = 50PXL;

var result = shipping * number_items ;

return result;”][bt_cc_slider name=”Number of Items (1PXL)” value_max=”30000″ value_step=”100″ value_unit=”1″ value_min=”100″][/bt_cc_group][/bt_cost_calculator]