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Pixelcase had the privilege of creating all the creatures for the new ABC series “mini beasts”. In order to recreate these as accurately as possible we used a combined technique called macro-photogrammetry which combines the data from over 8000 macro images of each creature to create an anatomically accurate point cloud. In addition we used the photogrammetry from three of the insects to create a web based learning tool that will be used in classrooms. These let you zoom to see the incredible detail of the insects from every angle. We’re currently working with the ABC R+D team on a room scale VR experience for the project. “We can see enormous potential in the way that this animation pipeline allows directors, producers, almost anyone who has some experience in thinking about the moving image, to step in and create animation dynamically,” said Astrid Scott from ABC R+D.

Check out the bee – click to spin:  https://lnkd.in/fnQ2Rd7


View the series on iView: https://lnkd.in/fEasR5U