With over 20 years of VR experience under our belts, the pixelcase team couple expertise with passion on every project. Over the years we have provided experiences for real estate, schools, local businesses all the way up to Google, Jaguar and Qantas. Everyone we complete with the same vision and pride.

360° Gigapixel Imagery

Crazy resolution images that enable you to zoooom into far objects. We have completed gigapixels for nearly every sporting code in Australia. We also captured the largest image in Australia for the Commonwealth Bank. Check it out here.

360 Training

We have packages for groups of 1-6 over 1,2 and 4 days practical training sessions in which we go through many scenarios that are encountered on a 360 shoot and in post production.

We also offer VR production tours which include equipment and accommodation.


360 Consultation

We can provide end to end VR expertise on your project. Providing knowledge and technical expertise to your vision and recommending ways to accomplish your goals.

We also enjoy collaborating with 3rd party teams too and especially enjoy sharing our knowledge on these projects.


360 Live Streaming

Imagine visiting a location, anywhere in the world in VR and what you are experiencing is happening live. Pixelcase can live-stream a location in 360 in 4k using professional cameras and robust broadcast equipment.

360 Production

We captured our first 360 experience in 1998. From that time we have never stopped learning and getting better on each and every project. Pixelcase can provide an end to end production service including supplying producers, directors, DOPs and all required equipment.

360° Post-production

We are a modest team but happy to say we are complete ninjas in the art of post production.

So if you have a wonky video, a tripod shadow, a stereo shot making you cross eyed or a stitch line that is annoying you. Give us a shout.


47, Havelock Street, West Perth
1300 267837
Westside Ave, Port Melbourne

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