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The world’s going Portal crazy

The whole world is going a little crazy for our AR portals which can be exported to Snapchat, Facebook, Android and Apple. We would like to thank every one who has given their kind comments and to those 1000s of people who have enquired. Please be patient, we will reply to all of you very…

ABC Macro Photogrammetry Minibeast Project

Pixelcase had the privilege of creating all the creatures for the new ABC series “mini beasts”. In order to recreate these as accurately as possible we used a combined technique called macro-photogrammetry which combines the data from over 8000 macro images of each creature to create an anatomically accurate point cloud. In addition we used…

Narva Driving Light 360 VR Melbourne

Exciting working with the team from Narva over the last few days down in Anglesea, Victoria. We customised a unique VR rig on the bonnet, interior and windscreen of a 4WD to show the impact and potential of their high performance lights.  

Underwater 360 Experience WA

The Pixelcase crew are currently deep in the Southern Ocean capturing some amazing sights and sounds off our glorious coast. We are loving getting up close and personal with the incredible local marine life and experimenting with our new custom made underwater camera.  

New developments in Automated Drone Inspections

Aero Ranger Drone and Phone inspection tool The Pixelcase Team are proud to announce the upcoming beta release of Aero Ranger  Aero Ranger combines automated drone technology with asset inspection, tracking and annotation tools to enable anyone to start using aerial and ground imagery in order to keep track of their geo-based projects. Example uses…

Australian Open in 360 Video

We joined Channel 7 to produce this “behind the scenes” experience of the Australian open. With just 2 days to turn around the complete video, we utilised our new decentralised render network, the first of its kind worldwide for VR and after months of R+D we will announce our findings soon.

Real estate virtual reality Australia

We teamed up with Jon Williams of Altitude Real Estate in Perth to look at ways a Quality home could be presented in VR without blowing the budgets normally associated with high end 360 video. We decided to go with a hybrid of VR video and VR high resolution spherical imagery to bring the home…

Free VR Application with every 360 production!

Every 360* project we work on in 2018 will also be provided with a Unity VR application so you and your clients can use their favourite headsets to view the content! Compatible with Android, IOS, GearVR, VIVE, Daydream and more. The applications are also compatible with the Google Play Store and Oculus VR Store for…

Ready for a major tourism project

The Pixelcase crew are getting ready for the next big adventure. Busy prepping the equipment for an Australian Tourism Project. We don’t use any “action cams” for our projects and we found that these were a necessary evil in the early days of virtual reality production. When we had to use GoPros, these little unreliable…