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Bungle Bungles, Western Australia

WA on Show

Cable Beach, Broome

This Cable Beach Panorama is the only HD panorama in Australia that has been chosen to feature on Google Earth preview layer.

Glastonbury Festival

We have been commissioned on a number of occasions to create the official virtual tours of the worlds most popular summer festival! These give those unlucky enough not to secure a ticket a 360 degree view of what they missed! – These tours were also produced with ambient sound to complete the experience.

London Tourism

A number of tours were used for the London Tourism Mini-site. These were very popular with the social networks such as Myspace and Facebook – many people forwarding the links to their friends.

Affordable Show Home

Show homes and Developments are where PixelCase HD Virtual tours truly shine! With so many pictures and floor plans to look at, there needs to be something that makes the home stand out. Our virtual tours enable the viewer to have a look around the complete house. A view of the kitchen, garden, bathrooms and media room gives the casual viewer enough reason to visit the showroom in person and to have a chat to the sales person.

Union Interiors

Union is a contemporary interior and original art gallery in Grantham, UK. Union Commissioned PixelCase to create the stores website aswell as photograph the store in 360 degree HDVR. These have been a part of the website for a number of years – but only recently, technology has been able to display these tours in Fullscreen.

Bunbury, Western Australia

This is a personal tour of a thriving town in the South West of Australia. The old silos have been developed into new residential apartments and the Koombana Bay development has brought a great atmosphere to the port area. Dolphins are often seen in the inlet.

Wedding Marquee

The problem with marketing marquees is that they are big and temporary! It is not possible to have a display marquee for potential clients to view. PixelCase was commissioned to photograph a range of marquees (both day and night) to enable clients to view a selection of styles from the online and offline showcase of HD virtual tours.

Lincoln Cathedral

Lincoln Cathedral was used as a substitute location on the movie “The DaVinci Code”. This panorama has been used by Lincolnshire tourism to promote one of the finest cathedrals in the UK.


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