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AN Introduction

Pixelcase is one of the most experienced, recognised and trusted virtual tour companies in Australia and overseas. With over 15 years of virtual tour expertise, our experience, professionalism and passion are the cornerstones of everything we do.

People who browse the net are becoming very web savvy.  Before they pick up the phone and call your business is likely that they have already checked out at least four of your competitor's websites. Within a very short time they have made a connection with one of these sites, they feel at home, they like the experience. They need to feel comfortable on your site before they feel comfortable in booking or making an order.

One of the most visited pages in a company website is the gallery - because it provides the best description of the business in the form of photography. Pixelcase not only provides your company with amazing imagery but a full experience. They now know what they are getting and they like what they see.

Taking your customers on a Pixelcase virtual tour of your premises will be an experience that will ensure them with the confidence of "knowing your company" and knowledge immediately converts to bookings.

Pixelcase utilise their own custom photography rigs and software to produce some of the sharpest and high quality virtual tours available. We believe that to use virtual tour technology as a sales tool, there simply has to be no compromise in photographic quality. Where many virtual tours degrade - ours exceed.

Where are Pixelcase based?

We have Offices in Sydney and Perth. The processing and design is completed at our head office in Bunbury, WA
International Offices in Vancouver, BC, Canada and Lincoln, UK.

Why Pixelcase?

  • Multi-award winning (including the Oscar of web-design – the FWA award)
  • The photography is the most important aspect of your virtual tour – technology is no excuse for poor photography.
  • Multi-resolution – every tour is a quick loading 50 megapixel panorama.
  • Painless execution and quick turn-around. Our work-flows are designed to work with minimal client downtime (if any) and delivery to your server without hundreds of questions.
  • We have the technical knowledge to customise your tour and tailor it to your specifications.
  • FREE Australia wide travel included with our HD virtual tour packs. Please Contact us for Worldwide packages

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